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At Kitchener Dental, keeping your oral health in check is our top priority so you can spend every day with a smile on! Comprehensive oral exams and new patient exams are performed by our team of experienced dentists and hygienists, with no tooth left untouched. We’ll also do thorough assessments for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer.

What to Expect During Your Oral Exam at Kitchener Dental

Returning and new patients alike can appreciate high-quality care and attention to detail from start to finish at our Kitchener dental clinic. From an in-depth assessment of every tooth surface and a thorough look at the gums for periodontal disease to diagnostic x-rays and an oral cancer screening, we’ll cover all the bases. We will also ensure any existing restorations are still protecting your teeth and determine if they need replacement.

New Patients Welcome for Comprehensive Oral Exams

Regular oral health exams are the key to maintaining your overall health and wellness. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Kitchener area, we encourage you to book a new patient exam at Kitchener Dental. Take advantage of annual oral exams performed by passionate dental professionals you can trust. We look forward to welcoming you to our Kitchener dental offices soon!

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Dental Hygiene Appointments

Dental Hygiene Appointments in Kitchener, ON

Put your smile first by booking regular dental hygiene appointments at Kitchener Dental! Brushing and flossing regularly is always necessary, but your teeth and gums do need a little extra TLC every six months or so with an in-depth dental cleaning. Trust our talented dental hygienists to take great care of your pearly whites and help them sparkle.

Pamper Your Teeth and Gums with Professional Dental Hygiene

At Kitchener Dental, our registered dental hygienists will clean every surface of every tooth with three main objectives:
Removing calculus using top-rated dental instruments specifically designed to remove hardened plaque that has bonded itself to the tooth.
Removing calculus using top-rated dental instruments specifically designed to remove hardened plaque that has bonded itself to the tooth.
Polishing the teeth to clean up any remaining stains or plaque to brighten your beautiful smile.

Book Your Next Dental Hygiene Appointment at Kitchener Dental

Two dental hygiene appointments a year will keep your oral health in the clear! If you’re looking for a dental clinic in Kitchener that you can trust with your family’s dental health care needs, we have all of your needs covered. Our friendly front desk team will kindly remind you to book your dental cleaning every six months so you don’t have to worry about missing your next visit.

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