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Save your teeth from severe tooth decay with effective root canal therapy at Kitchener Dental. If tooth decay is left untreated for too long, it will invade the inner tooth pulp and damage the nerve. Once the nerve is affected, the infection could kill the tooth and lead to extraction if no other measures are taken. Root canal therapy can save the inner tooth pulp by evacuating all signs of infection and restoring the tooth to its normal, healthy state.

How Root Canal Therapy Works at Kitchener Dental

A root canal treatment sounds daunting, but our expertly trained dental specialists will numb the impacted tooth to minimize pain and discomfort. Once you are numb, we will use root canal files to clear out all infected areas of tissue. In some cases, more than one treatment is necessary to save the tooth. Once it’s complete, your dentist will fill and seal the area, then apply a protective dental crown.

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Save Your Smile with Reliable Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing unrelenting, severe tooth pain, it might be a sign of serious infection below the gum line that could require a root canal treatment to avoid full tooth extraction. Our patients in the Kitchener region trust us to perform this common dental procedure with confidence and the utmost care. Call us as soon as you begin to feel tooth pain so we can treat you quickly.

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