Pediatric & Family Dental Practice In Kitchener, ON


Dr. Joe Marini and Dr. Annie Wang and our professional team at Kitchener Dental have been serving the Kitchener area for 20 years. We are here to provide comprehensive general dentistry through up-to-date dental technologies to you and your family. 

Comprehensive General Dentistry

We offer dental cleanings and examinations for disease prevention and proper oral health care to all of our patients. By thoroughly examining and cleaning of your teeth, we hope to prevent infection, disease, and decay from damaging your smile. Our Kitchener dentists are committed to answering all of your questions and encourage our patients to learn more about proper oral health. Some of our treatments include teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures, root canal therapy, extractions and preventative maintenance with cleanings and through examinations.

Our extensive and meticulous examination of you and your family’s smiles will assist us in providing a proper comprehensive treatment plan. By closely following strict protocols of sterilization and preventative care throughout every visit, Kitchener Dental provides a safe and comfortable environment to treat you for your comprehensive dental needs.

Dental Technology for Comfortable Care

You and your family’s experience is important to us here at Kitchener Dental. We offer various dental technologies to assist us in giving our patients satisfied smiles. We utilize digital x-rays for close inspection of your teeth and jaw.  By integrating digital technology through every facet of your visit, we provide the comprehensive general dental care that will assist in treating your dental concerns.

Comfortable care is important for any procedure.  Your Kitchener dentists utilize local anesthetics for a less painful experience for any of your dental procedures. We are gentle and accommodating to all our patients of all ages to ensure you and your families comfort with the rest of our Kitchener Dental team. We see many referrals and provide a personalized touch to your comprehensive dental care.

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The team at Kitchener Dental are here to answer any of your questions about our comprehensive general dental treatments. Conveniently located close to the Highway 8 on Weber Street, we offer free parking and are here to treat you and your family’s smiles. Contact us for a consultation or schedule an appointment online today!

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