Emergency Dentistry

Kitchener Dental Care provides emergency dentistry for those who are experiencing severe tooth pain or have suffered an injury to their teeth or gums. Regardless of the cause, your dental emergency is our priority. If you are experiencing a dental emergency now or have recently had an injury to your teeth, call our dental office in Kitchener at (519) 895-2665.

Types of Dental Emergencies

The following conditions or symptoms may indicate a dental emergency

Tooth Aches
Broken or Chipped Teeth
Knocked-Out Teeth
Tooth Aches
Swollen, Bleeding Gums

Before visiting our dentists, you can help reduce any discomfort and swelling by applying cold compresses. 

Tooth Pain - Extensive decay can reach the innermost portion of the tooth or pulp. This pulp contains nerves that become irritated by infection when a cavity has gone untreated. If this is the source of your discomfort, you may need a root canal. 

An abscess, or deep tooth infection, can also cause pain. A root canal or extraction is often required if a tooth has become abscessed. To relieve tooth pain at home, use a warm compress, aspirin, taken orally (not placed onto the tooth or gum) and use a topical analgesic like Orajel®. Be sure to call us right away so we can see you as soon as possible.

Dental Trauma – Dental injuries are common in athletes, children, and other active people. If you experience dental trauma, is vital that you contact our dental office right away.

Before you arrive at our office, you can take steps to preserve chipped, broken, or dislodged teeth by doing the following:

Try to preserve any parts of damaged dental work or knocked-out teeth. Handle them gently and bring to your dental appointment: gently clean the tooth, being careful to avoid removing any connected fibers, and place back into the gum. Put a piece of cloth or a napkin over the tooth and bite down gently on the way to our office. This will help the socket and tooth from drying out.


Permanent teeth that have become dislodged in a child can be placed in milk or lightly salted water. Even though baby teeth do not need to be replaced, the child should be seen by a medical professional if the tooth loss was caused by an injury.

Broken Prosthetic or Dental appliances 

While this issue may not always be a true emergency, calling our office helps us correct your smile more easily and see you quickly. It is important to receive quick attention for a broken crown or other prosthetic to prevent gum tissue from growing into the space that the crown should occupy.

In Case of a Dental Emergency, Call Kitchener Dental Without Delay!

If you have a dental emergency in Kitchener, don’t wait to call. We can be reached at (519) 895-2665.