Endodontic Care in Kitchener

Teeth consist of multiple layers that form a strong basic structure. These layers include the outer protective enamel, the underlying dentin, and the innermost network containing nerves, blood vessels, and tissue, also known as the pulp. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to injury, trauma, prior dental work, or decay, this can jeopardize the integrity of the tooth. 

At Kitchener Dental, our team of dental care professionals are committed to providing compassionate endodontic care to preserve your natural tooth structure and improve your smile.

What Are Endodontic Issues?

Endodontic problems typically stem from bacteria entering the inner pulp through a break or crack in the tooth caused by trauma or infection. While an infected or abscessed tooth may seem like only a minor annoyance, the condition can lead to other oral health consequences, such as the spread of the infection to surrounding teeth and bones. As a result, seeking treatment for tooth infections is critical to preserving long-term oral and general health.

Helping Save Smiles with Root Canal Therapy

When pulp infection threatens a natural tooth’s structure, root canal therapy is often an ideal resolution for treatment. For our dental associates to decide if this form of endodontic therapy is the most beneficial for your smile, we must first determine the affected tooth is still viable. 

Although root canal therapy typically has a negative reputation, this procedure is very successful for saving your tooth and alleviating pain. Many people fear root canal therapy, and although it takes longer, it is no more painful than a tooth filling.  

We can relieve the symptoms of a toothache by creating an access point in the crown of the tooth. Small dental files are inserted into the tooth to remove the infected pulp from the tooth’s inner canal. Afterward, the canal is disinfected, and we place a substance called gutta percha inside to seal the chamber. Then an impression is taken, and our highly skilled dental lab designs a crown to restore form and function to your smile.

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If you or a loved one are experiencing severe tooth pain, discomfort, or sensitivity to hold and cold temperatures, we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible. These symptoms should not be ignored as they may lead to serious oral health complications in the future. Contact Kitchener Dental today to initiate your endodontic treatment! 



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