Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Kitchener

When your tooth becomes infected, it often brings severe pain and the possibility of needing to have the tooth extracted. Root canal therapy is designed to eliminate infection and save the tooth, preserving the natural health of your smile.

At Kitchener Dental, our team helps Kitchener residents to restore their dental health through gentle and skilled root canal therapy. If you are suffering from the pain and frustration of an infected tooth, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Preserve an Infected Tooth

If a cavity reaches to the inner chamber of the tooth, where soft tissue is found, it can quickly create a dangerous infection. The infected nerves and soft tissue will cause severe pain, and if left untreated, the bacteria can spread through the blood vessels to infect other parts of the body. Without root canal therapy, the infected tooth will have to be removed to prevent greater health complications.

Once one of our dentists has confirmed that a tooth is infected, they will employ root canal therapy to clear the infection. The area will be numbed to keep the patient comfortable, and an access point is created to allow the dentist to reach the inner tooth.

The dentist removes the infected soft tissue from the pulp chamber, then cleanses any infection in the roots of the tooth. The root may be stabilized with a bio compatible material called gutta percha, preventing further infection. Finally, the space will be filled in, and the tooth capped with a crown. This preserves the tooth structure and integrity while also limiting the risk of repeat infection.

Warning Signs of Tooth Infection

The most common symptom of a tooth infection is localized tooth pain, but other signs may indicate a problem. Contact the dentist immediately if you detect any of these signs:

• Severe tooth pain
• Swelling in the cheek or face
• Swollen lymph nodes
• Sensitivity to chewing pressure
• Sensitivity to heat and cold
• An abscess in the gums

Though rare, it is possible for a tooth infection to occur without presenting any obvious symptoms. This makes it vital for you to keep your regular six-month dental appointments so that the dentist can monitor your teeth and catch infection at an early stage before it can cause permanent damage.

Gentle and Compassionate Dentistry in Kitchener

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