General Tooth Extractions In Kitchener, ON

At Kitchener Dental we understand that the path to a better smile is different for each patient. We offer tooth extraction procedures with the detail-oriented approach our patients need with the compassion they deserve. We believe maintaining as much of the natural smile as possible best serves our patient’s health. When extractions are recommended, it is because the extracted tooth threatens your greater well-being.

Why Have a Tooth Extracted?

Persistent, prolonged discomfort is the main reason dental extraction would be considered. Though relieving pain along with saving the natural tooth is always our goal, this is not always possible. In many cases, it may also be a more cost-effective option to have an injured tooth removed right away and discuss replacement options later. This allows treatment to occur on a timeline that is both convenient and affordable for patients while resolving their urgent concerns.

Some of the circumstances where extractions may be necessary include: 

  • Dental Trauma
  • Significant Decay 
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Loss of Tooth Structure due to Periodontitis
  • Extra Teeth (Hyperdontia)

What to Expect from Tooth Removal at Kitchener Dental

Before making a recommendation for tooth extraction, our team makes a thorough assessment of the affected tooth and the nearby oral structures. We begin with taking x-rays to determine if the tooth can be saved, where it’s positioned in relation to the sinuses and nerves, and if this is truly the source of the discomfort. Next, our dentist will sit down with you to discuss your current state of oral health and if extraction is the best course of treatment.

We review all your choices for restoration before extraction takes place, especially if your concerns involve the front teeth. If you elect to go forward with a tooth replacement option, such as a dental implant, fixed bridge, or dentures, we will take impressions to have the restoration fabricated before the procedure. To ensure you achieve renewed function and appearance from your smile, we suggest a cleaning during the same visit in which we provide the restoration.

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If the condition of your tooth is affecting your oral health and comfort, don’t wait to seek help. The sooner you receive care, the faster you can experience relief, and at Kitchener Dental we value providing comprehensive dental solutions with positive results. No matter if restoration or removal is the best option, our dentists make sure your treatment improves both the function and aesthetic condition of your smile.  

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